EQUALS is a not-for-profit registered charity, first formed in 1994, committed to supporting the work of teachers, TAs, schools and parents/carers of pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) severe learning difficulties (SLD) and moderate learning difficulties (MLD).

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Summary of EQUALS attendance at the National SEN Forum 22nd May 2019

Please see the National SEND Forum website the link is


The website contains information about the group and which organisations currently attend – this includes events and the National SEND Forum minutes.

The meeting in May 2019 focussed upon the Timpson review and the review of the SEN COP which will be revised by 2020 although this is likely to be minor revisions and the group plan to complete a list of ideas at the next meeting in July 2019.

Please see the SEND and AP provision consultation which is open until the 31st July 2019 the link is attached


The next focus was on whole school SEND its structure and function – please see the link to whole school SEND


The group will be meeting with Lorraine Mulroney (NHS SEND) and formulated questions to be asked when she attends the group at the July 2019 meeting.

The full agreed minutes will be available on the National SEND Forum website shortly

Steve Cullingford-Agnew