EQUALS is a not-for-profit registered charity, first formed in 1994, committed to supporting the work of teachers, TAs, schools and parents/carers of pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) severe learning difficulties (SLD) and moderate learning difficulties (MLD).

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – News

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – News
November 2016

Hello colleagues, just a few updates…..

Early Years Baseline Assessment:

The DfE have recently announced that the EYFS Profile assessment will remain statutory for another two years, until 2018. In April, the DfE also confirmed that the government are continuing to support on-entry baseline assessment, and will fund schools to continue to use any of the accredited baseline assessments for 2016.

A large majority of schools (12,500) have opted to choose the Early Excellence baseline assessment (EExBA), due to the fact that this model is a ‘non-invasive’ observational assessment. This assessment is firmly rooted by the principles of the EYFS, with a key focus on the Leuven Scales of Well-Being and Involvement and the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

EQUALS have endorsed the inclusive approach that the Early Excellence assessment has embraced, and this is also apparent in their new tracking tool (EExAT) that has very recently been launched…..

Tracking and Monitoring Progress:

The EEx Tracker is designed to support teachers to identify and track small steps of progress, whatever the child’s SEND and starting points are, based on the early developmental milestones of the EYFS, working towards the Early Learning Goals. This tracker also incorporates the important and unique learning traits linked to each child’s well-being, involvement levels and the EYFS learning characteristics.

The tool provides useful exemplification materials for each stage of development which includes examples for children with SEND, including PMLD.

Early Excellence have agreed that members of EQUALS that purchase the tracker in 2016-2017 will receive a 10% discount.

In order to claim this discount, and for more information on the tracker you can contact Louise Jackson : louise@earlyexcellence.com

If you would like to know more about the EEx Tracker in relation to SEND, Early Excellence are providing FREE ‘drop-in’ SEND Network sessions at both their Huddersfield and London centres in November. For further information please contact Louise at the above address, or phone: 01422 311314

Future EYFS Workshops:

The EQUALS Characteristics of Learning workshops for Early Years practitioners have been very popular, and teachers have been asking ‘what next?’. We are, therefore, hoping to run some follow-up sessions next year with the purpose of continuing to explore what the learning characteristics mean for children with SEND, and to develop some guidance materials and case studies  based on the characteristics of Effective Learning. Please look-out for these – Further details to follow.

Best Wishes and enjoy the rest of the term.

Elaine Ellis

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